Welcome to the Kien Sound Studio!

Experience your favourite songs as you have never heard them before! Discover the pure and clean sound of our kien sound system.

We understand very well that you want to listen to our system carefully before you make a big purchase.

At our kien sound studio in Rotterdam, we are happy to give you the opportunity to view and listen to the system in detail. We will be present in the studio to answer your questions. We promise you that it will be a listening experience you will never forget.

If you’re interested please schedule an appointment below. You decide when it suits you and we will make time for you!

Groothandelsgebouw - Stationsplein 45
3013AK Rotterdam

We welcome you in the hall of the Groothandelsgebouw from where we will take you to the sound studio. If you arrive early, please stay in the hall and take a seat on a couch while you wait for one of our colleagues.