Lockdown Deal

Fight the lockdown blues with kien! Order your kien sound system until April 30 and receive a discount of up to €250.

Due to the lockdown we are more at home than ever and to be honest, our mood is put to the test. There is a solution for that! Nothing will restore your mood more quickly than your favorite music. Especially when your music sounds like in a concert hall or at a festival, the good feeling gets back! The custom-made speakers from kien provide a unique sound due to their special shape. A feast for the eye and a must for the ear!

A sound system from kien offers you the concert experience that you miss so much, but not just at home. The smart speakers are portable. So light up your BBQ, take your speakers outside and enjoy! This can temporarily be extra beneficial because kien wants to relieve the lockdown blues.

Order from April 1st to April 30 and receive a €140 discount on a 2.1 system and a €250 discount on a 5.1 system! All you have to do is choose your system and place an order. You will then automatically receive the discount.

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kien 2.1 System
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Surround sound
kien 5.1 System
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