About Us

At kien, we are obsessed with great sound, beautiful design and user-friendly experiences. We don’t believe in the restrictions of time or space. We live fluid lives, fueled by spontaneity, fired by the beat. Music is the soundtrack to those moments that matter. If only we could live in a world where our sound is as uncompromised, as unrestricted, and as intelligent as we are. We want our sound systems to reflect our personalities, and ultimately our desire to connect, be seen, and appreciated. We want our lifestyle to sound like us.

Our two founders - Florent and Jorn - met at Bang & Olufsen, where they were inspired to create a new kind of system. They imagined the beauty and simplicity of multiple portable speakers that could combine to form any other home system. And then began a revolution towards better and more innovative sound experiences. Fuelled by the frustrations inflicted on them as customers of the “best” sound systems around, they began to challenge the protocols of the industry standard.

Our Mission
We started kien because we wanted something better. We wanted a sound system with HiFi quality audio as well as the freedom of portability, while looking different enough to turn heads. A sound system smart enough to morph from one use case to another, from on-the-go to surround sound and everything in between. We wanted to sound like us. With that in mind we strive to offer our customers innovative and well balanced premium audio experiences at an affordable price.

‍‍Our Vision
‍Our vision is to become Earth’s most appreciated audio brand, known for its innovative, beautifully designed and uncompromised HiFi audio experiences as well as its friendliest and most personal customer support.


Sound Like Us.