About Us

Who we are
We are the creators of the next big thing in sound. We are rebels, rhythm junkies and adventure addicts. We like our music with a beat and our sound on-the-go. We are kien.

Our Vision
At kien, we are obsessed with good sound. We don’t believe in the restrictions of time, space or wires. We live fluid lives, fueled by spontaneity, fired by the beat. Music is the sound track to those moments that matter. Our vision is to live in a world where our sound is as boundary-less, as sexy, as intelligent, and as social as we are. We want our sound system to reflect our personalities, and ultimately our desire to connect, be seen, and look good. We want our lifestyle to sound like us. That’s why we’ve devoted the last four years to crafting a sound system that works for us. Because if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

How it all started: our two founders -Florent and Jorn- met at Bang & Olufsen, where they were inspired to create a new kind of system. They imagined the beauty and simplicity of multiple portable speakers that could combine to form any other home system. And then began a revolution towards boundary-less sound. Fuelled by the frustrations inflicted on them as customers of the “best” sound systems around, they began to challenge the protocols of the industry standard.

Our Mission
We wanted something better. We wanted a home quality audio system with the freedom of portability that looked different enough to turn heads. We wanted to create a social listening experience so that coming together with friends meant pairing up for a bigger sound. We wanted a single sound system smart enough to morph from portable speaker to party-pairing to surround sound to bathroom accessory. And needless to say, it had to look like a well-crafted, and cosmopolitan wonder that could double as a stylish living accessory. We wanted to sound like us.


Sound Like Us.