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kien is the first truly flexible sound system. Well-crafted portable speakers that allow you to create the premium sound experiences you desire. At home and on-the-go, alone and with friends. Portable, Hi-Fi stereo, and Home cinema, kien is the one sound system to replace them all. It’s designed to turn heads, and can be controlled with a magical touch.
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Connected to your favorite devices

kien gives you freedom of choice. Stream over WiFi and Bluetooth using whichever app or device you like. kien supports most wireless audio streaming protocols such as AirPlay,
Spotify Connect, and DLNA.
Spotify Connect
With the kien SUB, you can connect your kien system to a multitude of devices.
Use the two RCA pairs to connect a turntable or a CD player. And with the optical input, you can drastically improve the sound from your TV.

Made to grow with you.

kien allows you to grow your system over time. Start off with a 2.1 and later on add a few extra SATs to create a multiroom or surround sound experience, hassle-free.
On the move
kien SAT Single

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kien SAT Bundle
  • Portable
  • Stereo
  • Multiroom
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Hi-Fi stereo
kien 2.1 System

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Surround sound
kien 5.1 System
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“kien packs the best of all things wireless into one simple sound solution"
Balanced and pure sound
kien delivers a high-fidelity sound experience.
Drivers and electronics are custom made, to get the most out of the speakers’ distinctive shape. Using a proprietary wireless digital audio link between the SUB and the SATs lets you enjoy clear and interference-free audio, with high-resolution up to 96kHz/24Bit. 

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Simple to use.

Easily configured

Using the kien app, available for iOS and Android, you can easily set up and configure your speakers. Easily adjust the sound based on the speaker placement, the music genre, etc.

Easily controled

A tactile touch ring allows you to magically control your speaker. Simply swipe your finger on the ring to adjust the volume. Tap to play and pause. Or do it all from the kien app. 

Easily updated

The kien system can be updated over-the-air, improving your experience with each update, and allowing you to get new features and always enjoy the smoothest experience.
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Following the form 'follows function principle', the kien speakers have an eye-catching yet practical design. The acoustically transparent fabric is hand-stitched and made from 3D mesh material.
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Bart & Josephine

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2 bedrooms
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We are the creators of the next big thing in sound. We are rebels, rhythm junkies and adventure addicts. We like our music with a beat and our sound on-the-go. We are kien.
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