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A compact wireless sound system packed with breathtaking high fidelity sound unlike anything you ever heard before, no matter where you place each speaker.
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Loved by audio critics.

"If this is what the younger generation of designers has in store for us, then I wish myself a long life and permanently sharpened ears! High Class!"
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John van der Veer

Hifi Video Test Magazine

Adored by our customers.

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Following the form 'follows function principle', the kien speakers have an eye-catching yet practical design. The acoustically transparent fabric is hand-stitched and made from 3D mesh material.
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Balanced and pure sound
kien delivers a high-fidelity sound experience.
Drivers and electronics are custom made, to get the most out of the speakers’ distinctive shape. The use of a proprietary wireless digital audio link between the SUB and the SATs lets you enjoy clear and interference-free audio, with high-resolution up to 96kHz/24Bit. 

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Grouped or stand-alone use.

A proprietary wireless digital audio link allows the kien speakers to be grouped with each other. This way SATs can be either grouped with the SUB for HiFi stereo or surround sound; grouped without the SUB for bigger portable sound or simply used as stand-alone Bluetooth speakers.
Group the speakers together to turn your living room into a home cinema with surround sound.
Flll the space with true Hi-Fi stereo playing your favourite music.
Or grab one or more SATs and enjoy your tunes anywhere you like!
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Stream with
WiFi or Bluetooth

The kien SUB allows you to stream your music over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth using whichever app or device you like. kien supports most wireless audio streaming protocols such as AirPlay, Spotify Connect, and DLNA.

For streaming to a standalone kien SAT or a group of SATs only Bluetooth can be used.

Plug your favorite
A/V equipment

With the kien SUB, you can connect your kien system to a multitude of devices. Use the two RCA pairs to connect a turntable or a CD player. And with the optical input, you can drastically improve the sound from your TV.
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Detach and 
move anywhere

With the built-in battery and Bluetooth antenna the SAT allows you to detach it from your system and enjoy your music in any place inside or outside. On a full charge you can play songs for over 18 hours on a moderate volume.

Your sound, your setup.

kien is the only sound system you’ll need to never miss a beat again. Surround, stereo and/or on-the-go, it’s your choice. Go big directly or build the sound system you want over time.  
Hi-Fi stereo
kien 2.1 System
• Portable
• Hi-Fi Stereo

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kien 3.1 System
• Portable
• Hi-Fi Stereo
• Immersive
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Surround sound
kien 5.1 System
• Portable
• Stereo
• Surround
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On the move
kien SAT Single
• Portable
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kien Bundle 
• Portable
• Stereo
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Easily controlled
Using the kien app, available for iOS and Android, you can easily set up and configure your speakers. Easily adjust the sound based on the speaker placement, the music genre, etc.

The kien system can be updated over-the-air, improving your experience with each update, and allowing you to get new features and always enjoy the smoothest experience.

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Bart & Josephine

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2 bedrooms
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We are kien and we are obsessed with great sound, beautiful design and user-friendly experiences. We want our sound systems to reflect our personalities, and ultimately our desire to connect, be seen, and appreciated. We want our lifestyle to sound like us.
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